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The New York Times has a story about the challenges that women in Mexico City are facing in getting safe abortions, even though they are now legal.

Now please do not comment or argue with me if abortions are OK or not. You are obviously entitled to your opinion but this is no place to discuss them. What I want to talk about is the role that YOU as a Latina can play in minimizing (it is naive to believe that we can bring it to zero) the need for abortion. Here are a few things you can do. And please comment if you have other ideas or want to share your story:

1. Unless you are planning to get pregnant, ALWAYS use birth control. If you are not protected, just say NO. Trust me, there will be a lot of other opportunities to make love; that is not the last man on the planet and that is not the last time you will have an opportunity. The way I like to believe it, a woman can have sex almost any time she wants.

2. Do not listen to the charming words of a man and have sex without protection. And if he is one of those morons who does not like sex with a condom, it is time to tell him goodbye, till he decides to marry you.

3. As a grownup woman, promise to me that you will speak to another Latina and tell her why it is a stupid idea to have sex without protection. I think people will have sex, even at an age that you do not want them to, but while giving the message to wait till they are married or at least 18, it is equally important to let them know how to have safe sex and why they should say NO when it is unsafe. Remember, no matter what you want to believe, you are simply ignoring the reality of life that most teenagers will have sex regardless of what you or the church tells them. Therefore, it is better to have the knowledge than be ignorant.

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