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Carolina Herrera Latina magazine interview

I was reading her interview and one the "stupid" questions asked was about being a Latina entrepreneur.

I am sure her answer would have been much different if she was not being interviewed, but, in politically correct language, she said, "I never felt like I was entering the business as a Latina. You don't have to think about you're a Latina or a woman."

Well said Carolina. What's wrong with these people that think that somehow there is something wrong with being a Latina or they are disadvantaged in some ways. This is America, and while we may not have a perfect world, it is absolutely true that you go ahead if you work hard and do what it takes. By thinking that somehow you are a woman or a Hispanic or have short height or are overweight or do not have blond hair or are overweight or have dark skin or whatever imaginary shortcoming, you are imposing these barriers before you even when the next person doesn't care. If Salma Hayek was thinking like that she would be cleaning floors in California.

So, for God's sake, girls, get out of this mentality that you can't do something because of whatever. Just go ahead and do it.

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