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According to a study published in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, nearly 23 percent of children in families where both parents were born in Spanish-speaking countries got no vigorous physical activity. Also, two-thirds of them didn't participate in organized sports.

Moreover, among Hispanics, U.S.-born children with foreign-born parents were less active than kids whose parents were both born in the United States.

Dr. Mita Sanghavi Goel of Northwestern University said the results in Hispanics are troubling because of high rates of obesity and diabetes — both related to inactivity — among Hispanics, the nation's largest immigrant group.

Ladies, United States is probably one of the greatest countries on the planet and it has many great things, but it has a few bad things too, like eating calorie-rich foods and not exercising enough. So let us learn the great things like hard work, innovation, family first, and honesty but stay away from the bad ones.

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