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Where are you getting your news from?

One thing that I have noticed while watching Spanish television in the United States is that their main stories are so different from mainstream media. For instance, they may highlight a big story in Latin America but the mainstream media may not even mention it.

I understand why it makes sense to focus on these stories; it is the only way for Hispanic people to find important news about their native countries. Plus, we all know that American television has become more about "entertainment" and less about news, particularly with outlets like Fox News.

In a great piece by David Bauder over at HuffPost, he writes that "Spanish-speaking news outlets all across the country have grown to become major players in their markets and all trends indicate that growth is only going to continue." He continues, "In 1995, most Hispanic viewers in New York primarily watched English-language television (62 percent) over Spanish-language stations (38 percent), according to Nielsen Media Research. Last year, viewers favored the Spanish stations 71 to 29 percent. Similar trends are happening elsewhere."

While I find it disturbing because it means that Latinos may not be integrating fast enough into mainstream American life but it is also a critique of MSM that it is not providing news that appeals to people who want to know what else is happening besides a dog killed by a reckless driver or your shower curtain killing you.

So where do you find your news?

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